May 1, 2011

Kimono show and tell day!

My new friend Ikue came over to see most of my kimono collection today. She will be borrowing some of my collection for a photo shoot in the future, so she wanted to see what I had. We looked at kimono, obi, obijime and obiage today. Next weekend, haori!
I brought things out until we had the table covered with kimono....then next out came pretty much every obi I own. Here are some photos of the "damage" we did this afternoon.

I let her borrow three kimono, two obi and some accessories so she could play around with coordination on her own time. She owns two mannequins that she uses for dressing, so she will be styling those with some of my pieces. She wants to get some ideas for the photo shoot. The photo shoot isn't until June, so she has time to play around and also do a little shopping on ebay for fukuro obi. I think she likes fukuro obi since they are so versatile. I only have a few though.
This is what she borrowed:  three komon kimono: blue orchid, pink fan, and my blue music komon; my olive green hakata obi, the new pink and black stripe hanhaba obi, two patterned pink obijime, a blue and white obijime, a bright orange obiage, a pink shibori obiage, and a red shigoki obi.
So take a look at her blog over the next few days and see what she comes up with! I'm sure it will be brilliant...she is a professional!

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