April 29, 2011

New obi arrives

The new hanhaba obi arrived! Here are photos of it in this post. It's in great shape and colors are bright and crisp. It's amazingly cute. The pattern is the same on both sides, except one side has the large tachibana and the other side has big sakura (cherry) blossoms.
I got home from taiko early tonight, so I quickly decided that the new obi would look good with a couple of kimono. My first thought was a yukata and something dark: the turquoise spider mum yukata picks up the blue in it and the black wave Meisen for some needed contrast. I've added an obijime for each and a red shibori obiage for the Meisen ensemble. I think these combinations might just work!

I put sakura side out for the Meisen and the tachibana side out with the yukata. Just for a little extra color contrast. The obi really pops on the black kimono!



  1. Awesome, it's so fresh and poppy XD
    I'm in love with you're obi. Wear it, wear it! ^^

  2. It was a really special piece, I think it's my most colorful hanhaba obi in my collection! I will try to wear it soon and post photos.
    Stay tuned!