May 28, 2018

Catching Up With Kimono-Wearing Events!

I started a new job at the end of February, right after Matsuri, so I'm behind on my postings. I'm starting to catch up now that it's almost too warm to wear kimono, but here are some photos.

At the end of last year, a kimono-wearing friend and I were hired as part of the entertainment at the Angel Charity's annual giant fundraiser, the Angel Charity Ball. The theme was Asian and the event is over the top with decor, entertainment, food, etc. My taiko group was playing there as well. It's the premier event for the movers and shakers that want to be see being seen! We were greeters in kimono, standing at the entrance at the end of a red carpet and we posed for what seemed like a zillion photos with people in tuxes and ballgowns. Here I am in my bingata kimono in the green room next to a pair of wonderful Chinese dragons. I'm even wearing an "obidome", a small sliver piece of jewelry centered on my obi.

And in April, my taiko group played at a special ticketed fundraising event at the art museum called "Garden in the Galleries" with ikebana displays throughout the museum galleries for a weekend. My kimono-wearing cohort (and a member of Suzuyuki Kai Japanese Dance Group) and I again were part of the entertainment at the Japanese-themed party. I wore my new retro-modern cool lavender-grey hitoe kimono with a hot pink obi featuring a rose. My cohort wore a lovely green kimono and even did an impromptu dance outside accompanied by taiko. 

In front of a huge arrangement by Ping Wei

Selfie time!

March 10, 2018

Yamato Concert

I went to see Yamato dressed in kimono last weekend- amazing show! If they come near your town, you have to see this group! Unbelievable performances, beautiful costumes, and joyous taiko!

I wore my new houmongi to the event-  a semi-formal multi-season kimono with alternating patches of dark blue, navy blue and cream with either pine needles or grasses in the back ground and bunches of flowers: tsubaki (camelia), ume (plum), and kiku (chrysanthemum). The obi features a subtle pattern of bamboo woven with metallic/iridescent threads. I added a lime green chirimen obiage to add some bright contrast to the outfit.
I do have some photos from matsuri- coming soon!
Detail of the tsubaki motif

Detail of the ume & tsubaki motifs

Outside the concert hall with the big trees in the late afternoon sun

After the concert, the sun going down.

Being silly and trying to make myself look thinner

February 19, 2018



It's Matsuri Time! Come to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona and experience one of the top Japanese festivals in the US! I'll be playing taiko on Saturday and wearing kimono on Sunday. We will have cool weather this year, so it should be perfect kimono weather- you can even add a haori! I may even bring my kimono rain coat and definitely an umbrella.
See you there!