February 2, 2020

Kimono Time! Jan. 2020

Hi everyone.
I've had a chance to wear kimono twice in January- once for the Tucson Japanese Festival volunteer meeting and for the festival itself. I did some serious multi-tasking at the festival- I did a kimono dressing demonstration, played taiko, and helped dress people in yukata in the photo-booth! It was a wonderful event and seems to be growing. Hopefully it will be longer next year.

For the festival volunteer meeting: understated grey kimono with colorful floral vintage Meisen haori and black accessories. This kimono is new and washable poly. I'm also wearing statement jewelry here- a black polka dot  bracelet and big chunky mixed metals ring and silvery earrings. Black and white striped tabi socks and red and black zori complete this casual look.

Hitoe (unlined) kimono with yabane design

Leopard belt as obijime, black and white striped obiage; obi features tachibana design. 

Kimono worn at the Tucson Japanese Festival: ultramarine blue vintage komon kimono with hot pink obi, lime green obiage and colorful haori. The vintage haori has a blue background that almost exactly matches the kimono. The haneri is a floral and geometric print. 

Casually festive for the festival!

Obi features a rose (bara) design. 

The back of the haori- vintage Meisen.

Haori features roses, bush clover, and lily motifs. 
 My friend also volunteered to help out at the photo-booth and she had the most amazing kimono that she purchased in Japan. Check out the obi musubi (knot)!
Cockatiels and houndstooth! 

Super cute tabi and zori!

A mouse obi musubi- for the Year of the Rat!
(My friend is sitting seiza here.)
 More kimono soon.