August 23, 2016

Yes, It's Almost Kimono Season!

Hi everyone
It's been a long time- in fact- it was in March last time I posted anything worthy! Many things have happened since then though.
Summer is too hot for kimono for where I live in Arizona, so I don't post much in the summer, but it's winding down and the kimono-wearing events are starting to heat up! Two events that are note-worthy so far: at our local folk arts and food festival, Tucson Meet Yourself- my taiko group is performing on Saturday, October 8th and I will be doing some kind of kimono demonstration. Not sure what yet, but it's sure to be connected to Obon some how since our own Tucson Ondo dance will be taught at the event.
Next up is the All Souls Procession- another event that involves taiko and dance and of course yukata and kimono.
Right after the last post I made on this blog, I lost a close family member and then ten days later, a work colleague and friend passed away unexpectedly. It was pretty devastating but with All Souls coming up in November, I have an outlet for the grief. I'm working on a costume-y yukata type wearable art project that involves photos and mementos and I will be revealing bit of my project here in process! I will not be wearing mofuku, the traditional mourning kimono, but something more life-affirming and colorful.  Right now, I have a yukata that someone gave me that I may dye and or paint to customize it- other than that, I don't have enough to show you yet- mostly a few sketches and ideas.
So stay tuned more!