July 20, 2020

Social Distancing Party: June 13

Another "new" yukata just in time for a social distancing happy hour at my friends house again. We will keep these parties up as long as it's not super hot. In the evening, it cools off a bit, which makes it bearable.
This yukata is probably from the 1990's or 2000's, so it's not that old. I love the lovely muted color palette of taupe, black, white with bits of dusty teal and rust. The colors seem more like autumn but the colors really meld well with the colors of the desert. It has an elegance to it that I like. I wore it with a lovely gold hanhaba obi from Ichiroya (Thank you Ichiroya!- I posted the image with the sign on Instagram) that I have had for years. It's one of my favorite hanhaba obi- the quality is amazing and despite that it's poly, you would never know. It's heavy fabric and is probably the perfect color- goes with almost anything. The leopard belt was a creative touch and because leopard goes with everything!
Photos by @angelarose.jewelry

Until the next party,

Taken in front of one of Aureleo Rosano's amazing mosaics

Old adobe walls are the perfect foil for this yukata

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