October 6, 2014

Kimono: Splendor in Cloth at Yume Japanese Gardens

 Hi everyone
I attended the kimono show last Tuesday and have a some photos! The event was very nice. It was scheduled the day before the garden opened, so it was strictly a reception and only one of the two rooms of kimono was open. There were also ikebana displays (Ohara School) and a new retail store was open. I was able to sneak into the garden and look around since I arrived early. I was the only person in kimono...too bad! But I did answer lots of questions for people and that was really fun. 

Burning question: what am I wearing? I'm wearing the bingata kimono I bought at the Phoenix Matsuri in February. I'm also wearing a Nagoya obi I purchased from Shinei that features motifs of genjiguruma (ox cart wheels) and tatewaku (rising steam). I've added a rust-colored chirimen obiage and a navy blue obijime that has some bits of orange in the weave. Sorry there were no photos of my zori, but they are plain dark red and match my handbag pretty closely! I wanted to wear something with an autumn feel to it and the weather cooperated, at least when the sun started going down!

New obi from Shinei
Check out the new growth! We had a decent monsoon this summer. 

A view to the garden

View through the new windows in the fence

Ikebana display out on the new patio

A lovely tsukesage kimono with bamboo motifs

One of my kimono I loaned to the display- my birch tree houmongi

A pale blue houmongi also on loan- a stunning design!

I loaned out the boy's miyamairi and it was displayed in the new retail store

You can see a glimpse of the beni red juban peaking out of the sleeves

Check out these long sleeves!

In front of the miyamairi