About this blog

Dear kimono kitsuke enthusiasts
I live in southern Arizona, a very special place with beautiful weather most of the year and a very hot summer that starts in late April an goes until the end of September. I like to wear kimono to Japanese cultural events, as long as they occur between October and April. Summer is even too hot for yukata unless it's indoors or late at night.

This blog is for basic kitsuke information and to catalog my own collection and the kimono-wearing events that I go to. I am not a kitsuke expert and do not claim to be one. For me, kimono kitsuke is a seriously fun hobby!

I've been collecting and wearing since 2005, and in the last few years, my tastes have started to change and are moving more toward more of a vintage (1920's through 1970's) style, with a focus on wilder geometric patterns and contrasting colors. My kimono style isn't as safe as it once was!

I took a kitsuke workshop several years ago. I learned some skills there but I wish it had been more in-depth. Otherwise, most of what I have learned has been from watching videos, reading about kimono, observing, and practicing what I have learned by doing.

If you like any of my photos, please ask permission to use them. Most are mine but not all of them.
Thanks very much for your interest!

Contact me via e-mail or find me on Instagram, Red Hot Kimono.