September 24, 2012

It's finally autumn!

Autumn means the weather is finally starting to change and that means it's almost kimono time!  It's still hot during the day but it cools off to 68-74 degrees F at night, so at least it seems cooler. With some cloud-cover, it really seems cooler although it was 98 today. Plus monsoon is pretty much over, so no more humidity.
I'm anticipating the first official kimono-wearing event in October: Otsukimi at Ro Ho En as well as the All Soul's Procession on November 4th. There also might be an art class modeling opportunity in there as well. And of course, Halloween! Strange that I have never dressed in kimono for Halloween, but if I get invited to a last-minute party, it's always an option. I'm always so busy with art shows this time of year that I forget to plan a Halloween costume.

I've been very busy lately with work, art, and some family stuff; and since the weather here is too hot until the end of September, I hadn't bothered to post anything! When life seems to become overwhelming, it's difficult to just make time to write about anything fun and exciting since my Santa Fe trip. I've been spending all of my money on art supplies in anticipation of the Open Studio Tour in November so I haven't even been on ebay lately looking for cool kimono items! Oh well...I have way too much stuff anyway, so it's a blessing in disguise.
So until I'm ready to post some new kimono photos, kitsuke tips and tricks, here are some fun images!
How cute is this? This is a postcard I picked up at Bode's in Abiquiu, New Mexico of all places! It appears to be vintage but there was nothing on the back indicating a time period or place. I just love it.

And of course, another idea for a kimono; this one is called "The Lotus Pond".
It's made with a photo I took at Bamboo Giant, which is near where I used to live in California. So if you are ever in near Santa Cruz or Capitola, CA go check it out. It would be a fabulous place for a kimono dress-up photo-shoot, with all of the bamboo groves. It's such a nice place to walk on a warm day. Once you are in the groves, the air becomes cooler and more refreshing, the sounds of cars driving by disappears, and you start to hear the sounds of water and birds. It's a magical place.
Kimono magic coming soon, so stay tuned!