SALE! Kimono and Accessory Sale!


Kimono, obi, and accessories, all for sale! All items are from my personal collection. Some have been worn once or twice, some never worn at all.
Please contact me to purchase or if you have questions about sizes, coordination, etc. I can use PayPal to process your order, just send me an email to put an item on hold, and I will send you and invoice and ship it out! Shipping charges will vary depending on location and whether you want your package insured.


Vermilion and gold zori. Wonderful, gorgeous semi-formal zori and handbag set, very good condition. Some wear on soles of zori and a few spots inside handbag. Fabric is likely rayon/ jinken or a silk blend. These would be amazing with a semi-formal kimono! Or up-level the orange seigaiha komon kimono (below) for an orange on orange theme!
Zori size, 23cm; handbag has snap closure, 12cm X 22cm. $40.00 US for the set.

Detail of zori

Zori sole, showing wear
Detail of  fabulous handbag fabric
Spots inside handbag

Pink & cream zori. Fabulously cute coral pink and cream zori with original box, zori in very good condition. The cream-colored sections look almost like lizard skin- there is texture. Some wear on soles. Vinyl. I will ship without the box if requested. Zori size, 23cm. $25.00 US. 

Texture detail

Sole shows some wear
Original box is not in great condition, lid is splitting apart


Mystery Obi. Beautiful vibrant red obi with cobalt blue, yellow gold, and white multi -season patterns. Seems to be silk or a blend. This is an odd obi, a bit narrow for a maru obi but it is patterned on both sides. It may have been cut down from another obi. Would make a great cosplay piece
or great obi to wear if you are creative! 10" X  143", just shy of 12' long. $30.00 US.

Nagoya Obi. Cream and metallic gold Nagoya obi featuring chrysanthemums and fans, fabric is jinken (rayon). Nice heavy material makes for a crisp kitsuke and easier to tie. Very good condition. Possibly a dance obi. $25.00 US. 

Nagoya obi. Fantastic geometric Nagoya obi with a surprise of yuzen flowers on the other side of the taiko section! Obi is partially reversible, if you are clever, you can tie this obi with the floral section showing so it's like two obi in one. Beautiful stripes in medium blue and a peachy-tan color with touches of green, orange, and cream with pale cream, green, lavender, and reddish orange flowers on the other side of the taiko section only. Silk. Very good condition. $25.00 US.

Hanhaba obi. Super kawaii poly or rayon hanhaba obi for yukata, light fabric over a stiffer lining. Slightly different on each side- large tachibana on one side and large green sakura blossom on the other side. This obi looks super cute with a brightly colored yukata! $25.00 US.

Tachibana motif is a wild orange

The other side features a green cherry blossom

An ensemble example with turquoise yukata and obijime


Gorgeous musical instrument komon kimono with a complex blue stripe background. Multi-season- motifs include cherry blossoms, maple leaves, and plum as well as tsuzumi drums. Lots of different colors in this kimono make it easy to coordinate obi! Excellent / new condition, Only worn once. Washable poly. 63" long, 52" wingspan. $50.00 US. 

Detail of pattern

White lining and dusty rose pink doura
The blue kimono in person.  

Crisp Stripe Komon kimono. Crisp texture poly, hitoe (unlined), with a nice red, blue, yellow stripe. A nice beginner's kimono, easy to wear, and very casual. You can wash this one! 61" long, 52.5" wingspan. $20.00 US. 


Birch Tree Houmongi. Stunning dyed pattern of birch trees and clouds  with touches of metallic paint make this semi-formal kimono unique. This kimono was featured in an art gallery display at Yume Japanese Gardens. Coral pink with deep red orange toward the hem. There is one small tan-colored spot on the front left panel but it will be covered by the obi, otherwise excellent condition. This kimono seems to demand a bold obi with a black background! See photo of spot below. Lining is in perfect condition, red and smoky salmon. It has one crest. Kimono is silk, lining is silk as well. 61" long, 48" wingspan, sleeves are 23" long. $125.00 US.

Small spot on the front left side
The small spot isn't too disturbing

At the gallery during hanging of the show, this photo shows the colors well

White Seigaiha komon. Vibrant and crisp white with orange waves and clouds of printed shibori pattern adorn this fun kimono. Lining is white with orange. Crepe textured washable poly and in excellent condition. 59" long, 49" wingspan. $50.00 US.
Detail of the cloud-like shapes

I have worn this kimono once! It's fabulous!

Kitsuke detail of this lovely kimono!


Pale lily yukata. This yukata has a pretty design of lilies in shades of periwinkle blue, blue violet and white; if you look very closely, you will see faint dianthus flowers as well! White background makes it fresh and feminine. Pair with a pastel colored obi or deep pink for some contrast. Soft cotton. 60" long, 49" wingspan, used but in perfect condition. $30.00 US. 

Pretty lily pattern and faint dianthus

Lovely cream michiyuki with blue-grey, red, gold, and green fuji (wisteria) lattice pattern, lining is a pale creamy tan silk. Classic covered buttons, this kimono coat is pristine and elegant. Silk, 33" long, 47" wingspan, 20" wide across the back. $25.00 US.

Detail shows the true colors and lining color. 
Marbled Douchugi . This piece has an unusual marbled pattern with blue, green, and white and added embroidery over the top. It's has snap closures like a michiyuki. Hitoe, washable poly, perfect condition. 31" long, 50" wingspan, 22" wide across the back. $20.00 US. 

Fractal  embroidery! This image show the  true colors best. 

Sleeve detail

Woven red plaid douchugi. Fun, casual, wool, and partially lined, the plaid weave is small-scale. and tasteful. This jacket has ties on the inside and outside, and even a small patch pocket on the right side! This would look great over a turtleneck sweater and jeans. Part of the stitching on the red lining is coming loose on the inside, it could easily be mended. Excellent condition. 28" long, 48" wingspan, 23" wide across the back. $20.00 US. 

Upper part is lined in the shoulders, not the sleeves. Lining is orange. 

Tied closed

Detail of plaid

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