July 4, 2012

Rain on the 4th of July: welcome to the Arizona Monsoon

Happy Independence Day everyone! 

Currently it is sprinkling rain outside and about an hour ago it was coming down hard! A very welcome relief from the dry heat but it might be difficult to watch fireworks later tonight. It rained a little last night as well and we should get more rain over the next couple of days. Then hot. Then a rain storm or two. Welcome to the Arizona Monsoon! Too bad it's raining on the 4th of July but at least I don't live in Washington DC, with all of the power outages and no air conditioning! (Finds some wood to knock on). It must be awful!

Here comes the rain again...

Run, Squiggy, run!
Speaking of the summer rainy season, on rare occasion we have special visitors in our yard during monsoon. Like this little (About 10" long) guy that I caught trying to run very fast in our gravel driveway lat weekend. It's a young Gila Monster! It's very rare to see one; I have friends that have lived here for over 20 years and have never seen one! But it inspired another crazy desert-B-movie-themed kimono idea:
Have a wonderful holiday and stay cool!