July 20, 2020

Social Distancing Party, May 24th

Hi everyone
I have a chance to catch up on my blog! My friend and I had another "social distancing happy hour party" on May 24th, which was over Memorial Day weekend.
It's yukata season, so I pulled out a yukata I bought from Ichiroya (Thank you Ichiroya!) years ago.
It's not my favorite yukata, and I haven't worn it for years. It's white, with pink hagi and blue yukiwa (bush clover and snow crystal) and some black in the weave. However, I needed to give it some love, so I sparked it up with pink and black accessories. This pink Hakata obi is another item that needs love; it's an odd size, too narrow to fold in half like a fukuro obi and too wide to wear as a hanhaba obi. I have to fold it down by a third in order to wear it. But it works really well with this yukata. Just add black haneri, black bunny geta and bunny tabi socks and I'm ready to drink wine on the patio with my friends!
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