April 13, 2020

Easter Social Distancing

This past weekend had some weird weather- I had planned a social distancing happy hour in my garden on Saturday but a cold-front moved in and it was a chilly 53 F and rainy! So I postponed our event until the next weekend. And sadly, no kimono.
However, the next day (Easter Sunday), the weather was lovely. After a mildly strenuous walk in a local state park, we came home and our neighbor texted to stop by for a drink in the garden. Since this was quite spontaneous, I put a wonderful dochougi over my t-shirt and jeans rather than a kimono.
This Japanese jacket was a very special find. One side is ki-zome (yellow dye) Kihachijo (Woven on Hachijo Jima in Japan) vegetable dyed plaid silk on one side and a grey, red, and blue stripe silk on the other. Fully reversible, it has pockets on both sides. It's a fabulous jacket, like a haori but with different sleeves. I wear it quite a bit at work since the sleeves don't swing, it's easy to wear. It's one of my favorite Japanese clothing pieces! And it looks great with almost anything, including a concert t-shirt. And my black bandana!
Ciao ciao,

Social Distancing Happy Hour Party, April 4!

Another party, this time and my friends home, in her back yard garden. It was warmer this time, so I opted to wear a new wild zebra yukata from SalzTokyo. I wore it in the trendy new style: the obi isn't tied but it's folded and belted.

Outfit Details
SalzTokyo yukata, zebra belt from Target, black and white/violet reverse hanhaba obi from LA's Japan Town, violet bangasa from an event in downtown Tucson. Delicious vegan tacquitos from Charrovida.
Ciao ciao!
Easy and chic!
Tacquitos and white wine! The perfect picnic

Social Distancing: The March 28 Party!

Hello again! We had the social distancing happy hour party at my house this time, and the weather was also amazing! I got to wear another one of my newer kimono- a soft teal kasuri, hitoe (unlined) for spring.

Outfit details
Teal silk kasuri worn with a Taisho Roman era (1912-1926) chuuya obi featuring yuzen dye techniques. The modern wild mushroom obiage is from Kimonotte. A dark red and turquoise stripe haori brings out the teal and soft turquoise in the kimono and obi.
Ciao ciao,
Campari and soda anyone? 

The other side of the chuuya obi is black shusu silk with turquoise stripes

Husband took this photo- there was a cactus coming out of my head, so I cropped it! 

Social Distancing Party!

A friend and I decided to do a happy hour-social distancing party every weekend (Started March 21), alternating houses. It's easy: set small tables and a chair out for each guest on a lovely patio or garden, 6' or more apart. BYOB, picnic, etc. Play some music, chat, drink wine, etc. I decided it would be a kimono challenge, so I have 3 weekends in a row where I am wearing a kimono! The weather has been great- on the cool side and sunny, these parties have been perfect springtime events.
Enjoy the distancing!

Outfit details.
I'm wearing one of my newer acquisitions: an indigo-dyed cotton kasuri kimono with an asanoha (Hemp-leaf) motif. It's vintage, unlined, so a good choice for spring. The color is rich and the fabric is soft like your favorite pair of blue jeans. Obi is a vintage Nagoya, striped obiage from Kimonotte. The orange tsubaki (Camellia) pin was a gift from a friend's Japanese mother-in-law. It's made of chirimen silk. The blue bracelet is from Alexis Bittar.
Showing off new earrings by Angela Rose!

Standing by a large glass and metal sculpture by Aureleo Rosano!