April 13, 2020

Social Distancing: The March 28 Party!

Hello again! We had the social distancing happy hour party at my house this time, and the weather was also amazing! I got to wear another one of my newer kimono- a soft teal kasuri, hitoe (unlined) for spring.

Outfit details
Teal silk kasuri worn with a Taisho Roman era (1912-1926) chuuya obi featuring yuzen dye techniques. The modern wild mushroom obiage is from Kimonotte. A dark red and turquoise stripe haori brings out the teal and soft turquoise in the kimono and obi.
Ciao ciao,
Campari and soda anyone? 

The other side of the chuuya obi is black shusu silk with turquoise stripes

Husband took this photo- there was a cactus coming out of my head, so I cropped it! 

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