April 13, 2020

Easter Social Distancing

This past weekend had some weird weather- I had planned a social distancing happy hour in my garden on Saturday but a cold-front moved in and it was a chilly 53 F and rainy! So I postponed our event until the next weekend. And sadly, no kimono.
However, the next day (Easter Sunday), the weather was lovely. After a mildly strenuous walk in a local state park, we came home and our neighbor texted to stop by for a drink in the garden. Since this was quite spontaneous, I put a wonderful dochougi over my t-shirt and jeans rather than a kimono.
This Japanese jacket was a very special find. One side is ki-zome (yellow dye) Kihachijo (Woven on Hachijo Jima in Japan) vegetable dyed plaid silk on one side and a grey, red, and blue stripe silk on the other. Fully reversible, it has pockets on both sides. It's a fabulous jacket, like a haori but with different sleeves. I wear it quite a bit at work since the sleeves don't swing, it's easy to wear. It's one of my favorite Japanese clothing pieces! And it looks great with almost anything, including a concert t-shirt. And my black bandana!
Ciao ciao,

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