January 1, 2019

Kimono Style on New Year's Day

I went to the Johrei Fellowship for their special new Year's day service in kimono. It was colder than last year on New Year's Day, so I had to break out the bold red kimono coat, a cashmere scarf and leopard print velvet gloves! There was a casual tea ceremony after the service, which was lovely.
Happy 2019 everyone!

Selfie with coat and scarf.

The obi shows bamboo and a bit of plum for the New Year! 
The plum was also in the lining of my coat, 
and unfortunately I had no pine to fully 
represent Sho Chiku Bai, the Three Friends of Winter. 
Showing off my new "wild mushroom" obiage!

Here is my missing pine! This is the paper used
to serve the wagashi or sweets with the tea.
Pine needle motifs are subtly embedded in the paper, in
addition to an origami crane.