March 7, 2014

A New Japanese Garden in the Desert!

I have mentioned Yume a couple of times, but I just realized I haven't introduced it.
Yume ("dream") is a new Japanese Garden in Tucson! This is a really great thing since the garden is starting to host cultural events such as mochitsuki, intimate concerts, Hinamatsuri, and more.
The best thing is that I don't have to drive two hours to Phoenix to attend a kimono-wearing event!

The garden (actually five gardens) is small but really well designed; it's really a nice space that will continue to improve as it grows into itself. I'm hoping to get more involved with their events in the future.

These photos were taken at Mochitsuki on January 4th.

Yes, you can grow bamboo in the desert!

Showing off my new fan before I leave for Yume.

A young man pounds mochi.