May 25, 2020

Social Distancing Happy Hour, April 18

Another weekend, another social distancing party!
This time I'm wearing a pale grey yabane pattern hitoe kimono (washable poly!) and a fabulous chuuya obi featuring a kingfisher catching a shrimp on one side.

The obi design is really amazing- very subtle colors of blues and gold-tan, a woven design. The other side is black with yellow and lime green shibori tie-dye, which looks like this. 

There are various water plants, waves, and even a suggestion of shells and a fishing net depicted. I picked up some of the tan with a gold obiage; the obijime is blue and white stripe. Zori are grey-blue polka-dot with grey tabi sox.  The haneri is from Ichiroya/Kimonotte and is actually for summer but I couldn't resit the fish and wave motif!

The sun was starting to go down....

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