May 25, 2020

Social Distancing Happy Hour, April 25

Another weekend, another chance to wear kimono and have a drink with a friend. I have this yukata that I was going to sell....I'm not so sure now! It's just too amazing. Look at the sleeve length! 

The design is very abstract and doesn't look too flowery and girly, which I also really like. 
I've been experimenting with folding obi rather than tying and it's really nice- easy to do and looks really good when you have a fun belt! It's a trend I have seen on Instagram quite a bit, especially in Japan. One other advantage- it works well with a too-short obi. 
I think it looks modern and very chic and looks best with an obi with contrasting colors or patterns on each side. 
I wore western-style sandals this time, I think the yellow looks works well with the yukata. Plus they are more comfortable than my yellow geta. 
Photos taken at my friends adobe home in the desert. 
Ciao ciao,

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