April 4, 2011

The gems have arrived

When I got back from a meeting today, the UPS truck had left me a box. I didn't get a chance to open it until after work, but how exciting!
Here are my Japan charity items I won on eBay- first is a black Meisen komon kimono with the incredibly bold wave pattern. The long sleeves are fabulous! The pattern just kills me...it's so modern and the magenta color is so bright.
I just took a couple of quick photos; nothing fancy, just to give you an idea. No time to try on the new stuff today; maybe later this week. I need to contemplate coordination!

Now the obi- it's a wonderful peachy-beige nagoya obi with a cool geometric pattern. There is also a fun surprise with the obi: the back of the drum section of the obi has a yuzen dyed floral patterned panel featuring roses. It's really lovely and I could wear it with the floral side out or the striped side out.

Here are the pretty yuzen flowers in the inside. I'm really pleased with these purchases and even more so since it's for a great cause.

Once I figure out how these two pieces will go together or how to coordinate them with other items in my collection, I will post the photos.
Until then, Arigato!

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