April 26, 2011

Kimono meet-up with a new friend

I met a new kimono-wearing friend today at a local Starbucks! I finally found someone that is as crazy as I am when it comes to kimono! In Tucson no less!! (OK, too many exclamation points).

Ikue is from Japan by way of Seattle and just moved to the desert a few months ago. (Weather shock coming soon!) We met at the Japanese cultural event I went to on Saturday. She also has a blog but it's in Japanese...in fact, she posted the photos from today's meet up faster than I did!  She is a professional kimono-dresser and stylist. How cool is that?
I will teach her about evil ebay and she will teach me how to fine-tune my kitsuke!

 I love how we wore such contrasting colors in our yukata:
myself in red and yellow hibiscus and she in blue and purple snow crystals....hot and cold! Seemed appropriate somehow- desert heat v. the cool northwest.

She's coming over this weekend to see my collection, so I'm sure there will be more photos.

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