April 24, 2011

Happy Easter: Brights for spring!

Happy Easter everyone! I did my main Easter fun yesterday, which included a taiko performance at an event and a fun evening at a friend's house for a casual dinner to help decorate a bunny cake and color Easter eggs! I had not colored eggs in years, and it was really fun. The host had bought one of those Paas brand dye kits you can get. Everything was the about same as it was 20 years ago: the little tablets of colors, the little wire egg holder that doesn't work well, etc. The main change: lots of stickers, which we didn't use on the eggs.

But besides Easter week, I have been working on a Japanese-inspired costume project (That project will have to have a separate post!) for a performance artist. While looking for kimono for the project,  I of course found a few things for myself. That is the worst thing about having to look for stuff on eBay with other people's money, you end up spending your own! So I was smitten by a stunning and bright geometric Meisen kimono with a yabane print and 3-season hanhaba obi. I intend these  to go together but I will see when they arrive. These are the seller's photos:
How vibrant these colors are! I love the yellow arrows and the orange circular pattern against that brilliant blue. For some reason, theses colors seem youthful and spring-like to me and remind me of iris and yellow daffodils.
Speaking of bright and cheerful, this is the cute obi I found that might work with the kimono:

Then again, I will have to see when it arrives. The obi is pretty bright and the two together might be over the top. But how cute is this obi? It looks like a three-season obi because of the mix of patterns but the colors look like spring and summer, very bright and friendly. The largest motif in the photos seems to be tachibana or mandarin orange. The other motifs on this obi include sakura, stylized waves (seigaiha), hemp leaf, ume (plum), and maybe kiku and botan (peony). A mix of patterns is called kiredori. When these arrive, I will see how they go together!


  1. Awesome stuff ^.^ I love this Tachibana obi, together it will be a very bright ensemble

  2. Thanks for the nice comment SilberRegan!
    I might even wear the obi very soon, if weather permits, the kimono as well at a special event in Phoenix. If it's too hot, I will wear a yukata with the obi, but I will have to see how it goes.

  3. hi! I think your obi colors are sooo cute.. do you know where I can find one in similar colors? I've searched all over ebay and google.. and can't seem to find one =(

    1. Hi Mio Mio!
      This one was kind of a fluke...I found it on eBay after much searching. When I'm looking for specific items (Like an obi in a certain color) I will check e-bay a few times a week. Here is a little tip: try these saved ebay bookmarks to help your search: http://www.delicious.com/SuperGrouper/ebay_kimono_filters
      Good luck!