April 26, 2011

Magenta addiction

Ebay is evil. Well, not entirely evil, just very tempting. I actually got into a minor bidding war over this lovely hitoe (unlined) kimono a few days ago. Stress! I really needed an unlined kimono (It's all about the weather here) though and this one was just too amazing to pass up. It has all of my favorite kimono features: Meisen, long sleeves, and a big bold geometric design (yabane). Can't wait to see it in person.

These are the seller's photos:


  1. Awesome! I was watching this beauty, but couldn't afford to bid on it anymore. So happy to see it again in good hands (^.^)

  2. Ohh yabane meisen!!! Those favorite kimono features are the exact same as my own....lol! ;p

  3. LOL is right! I think I probably paid a bit more than I wanted for this (my wallet is in shock right now) but I think it will be a great piece and I will wear it quite a bit. I might have to stay away from ebay for quite a while now though!