May 28, 2011

Coordination fun- when it's too hot to wear it

It's getting late here in the Sonoran Desert and it's cooled off to about 86 degrees....a gorgeous evening! I think it was about 100 F today. Not the greatest time of the year to wear anything remotely kimono-like! But I wanted to play with the two new obiage and see how they work with some outfits. So I did some quick coordination on the ironing board!

First on the board, the sha magenta and beige yabane summer kimono with the ro nagoya obi and the new ro cream/pink obi age! I still don't have the right color summer weave obijime, but this cream and pale pink one will do for now. I think it looks pretty good! I will probably add a pale pink han eri collar as well.

Next, the ultra-blue yabane kimono with a gold hanhaba obi, bright orange obiage and a retro cream and rust obijime. I think the bright orange obiage might be too much but it does add a little punch to the whole outfit. The gold obi seems to be the only obi I have that goes with this kimono. The obi is not quite as bright as it is in the photo, my lighting was a little weird (too much flash) and you can only do so much with Photoshop.
Then I decided to put the new gorgeous deep violet shibori obiage with the obnoxious purple bokashi kimono. The new obiage is waaay too nice for this kimono though. And that beautiful and opulent obijime also looks too good! For the first itme, I noticed it has metallic threads woven into it. It's a stunning piece.

This is definitely an "all purple, all the time" kind of look, which is what I'm going for anyway since the event I'm wearing this outfit to has a color theme. I'm not sure if the striped obi works, but it's all I have for now and it's kind of fun.
My purple hakata obi just doesn't have enough contrast. An obi in pale lavender or very pale yellow would be really fun for this. Maybe I'll call it Purple Rain after the Prince song.

Ok, now I need to go make dinner!. Something that doesn't require the oven, like maybe a cooling salad.
Have a great rest of your weekend!

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