May 8, 2011

More kimono style by Kimonography

My friend updated her site again, with a couple more gorgeous kimono ensembles! One features my fan komon again, this time another double obi confection in lavender, pinks, and black.  Check this out: she used my blue music komon with my olive green hakata obi! I love the spark of the orange obiage in this outfit. Very cute! I've never worn this kimono yet, but now I will have to for sure!

It was a beautiful day today, but typically warm, probably around 95 F. A little too warm to try anything on beyond a yukata. This evening, as it cooled down, I played around with coordinating the two new Meisen kimono. Unfortunately, someone is borrowing my camera, so no photos of the ensembles I have created.
The fun part is that a friend of mine let me borrow her "dress form" (it actually might be  a type of mannequin, you can't put pins into it) for a project I'm doing. Today was the first time I used it to create ensembles. This "Dolly" in particular is a bit odd, since it's smaller than any real woman I know, but she got it for free. It works OK for trying out various color combinations, even if  this Dolly isn't shaped correctly. (The waist is's more like Barbie!).  I also made a very interesting discovery today:  I may already have a sha obi that might work with the sha Meisen! I got this nagoya obi sometime last year. The flowers are a bit of a mystery, but it's really cute. I have not worn it yet.

The part I'm not sure about is that it matches the magenta in the sha Meisen almost exactly.I tried the outfit out on Miss Dolly and it actually looked pretty good. I paired it with a red shibori obiage (sorry, I don't have a ro or sha obiage yet!) and a pale yellow obijime.
Maybe Ikue can recommend some other accessory colors to make the obi pop a bit more. Colors that come to mind for me are picking up on the the deep teal green and the bright yellow in the obi. Of course I have nothing in these colors!
Here I have recreated the look in Photoshop:

So, matchy-matchy isn't exactly my style, but it does seem to work OK. I do love magenta!
I'll see if I can get some real photos of these outfits soon!

PS: Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms in the world!!

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