May 27, 2011

Deep violet and pale summer

Two new acquisitions! The first one is a pale, creamy pink ro shibori obiage. The ro obiage is to wear with a summer kimono, such as the sha yabane Meisen kimono I received recently. "Ro" is Leno weave sheer silk gauze and ro kimono and accessories are only to be worn during the summer months. I have worn summer kimono and yukata in spring because it's warmer here earlier in the year than most places in the United States and Japan. This particular obiage has some nice deeper pink sections that remind me of cherry juice stains.

Next up:
Deep violet shibori obiage! This one is very richly-colored. I don't see too many obiage that are intensely colored,  so this really caught my eye.

Plus, I already have a deep violet/white obijime that I have had for a few years but haven't worn. I bought it from Ichiroya thinking it was blue and it arrived deep violet. So now I have a set!
On a side note, the seller of this lovely purple gem sent it from Sendai. Receiving a tiny package from Sendai really made my day, and hopefully made the seller's day too.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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