May 3, 2011

Komon Kimono stylin' by Kimonography

I'm totally excited! As you probably read in the previous post, my new friend and kimono stylist extraordinaire Ikue borrowed some of my pieces to play around with. (It turned out I have more kimono stuff that she has...) She might use some of the pieces in an up-coming photo shoot. She has started posting photos of her style experiments!
Ikue of Kimonography has so far transformed my everyday blue orchid komon and my pink fan komon into two outfits that are way beyond expectation! First, she uses two hanhaba obi (!) at the same time for this amazing combination of pink and blue! The folding on the pink and black striped obi is amazing and adds so much added dimension. What she has done with my pink fan kimono is equally awesome: she used the pink and black obi as an obiage with her own fukuro obi! And it looks perfect with the striped obijime.
Fabulous Ikue!

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