February 28, 2011

New vintage yukata!

For me, this one is a real find; I'm a sucker for geometric prints. It's a vintage (1960's to 80's I think?) cotton yukata with a cool geometric pattern that has a  retro vibe to it. It looks hand-sewn and the cotton is heavy and a bit stiff. It's short, only 58" inches, but that's OK for me since it's vintage and it's totally cool. I can manage a tiny ohashori under the obi. Plus it's mainly indigo and white, something I was looking for.

 How cool is this pattern??? It's hip, tribal, and kind of has a tiki-bar feel all at once! I think it looks like hourglasses. The colors came out pretty true in the photo. The navy is so dark, it seems to have not faded over time. Someone took very special care of this one, it's in almost perfect condition. I'm amazed no one else spotted it! I can probably wear it in April sometime, maybe to the Arizona Asian Festival in Mesa.
Design detail

I think I will pair it with a red  or purple hakata obi. If I wanted to be subtle, I could wear with this an olive green obi...I will have to see what works!

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