March 1, 2011

Autumn rust

I got these three items at Matsuri, from Maruhachi USA. I usually buy from them each year, they usually have some nice haori and an occasional yukata. The haori is pretty special! The silk is so soft and it has elegant long sleeves, so it's definitely vintage. Maybe early Showa but I'm not entirely sure. Here is the haori on their website. I paid much less for it than they have listed.
The pattern is kiku, which is chrysanthemum. The flowers look like daisies until you notice the leaves. It's half-lined in peach-colored silk. Chrysanthemums are an autumn motif and the colors certainly have an autumn feeling.

I went back to the same dealer the next day and found these items, not sold as a set but they have become one! A new-looking rust silk chirimen obiage and a fabulously wide vintage silk obijime in rust and cream. These two items will go with my brown thistle obi! And it looks like everything will go with the haori!

With my finger there for scale, you can see how wide and fluffy this obijime is! I like a bit of drama in my accessories.

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