March 2, 2011

Purple hail

The pattern on this little gem was called "bokashi/arare" (hail) on the eBay listing. I will assume a hail motif is probably for the winter season. It hasn't arrived yet though, but I wanted post it anyway. It should arrive next week in the mail.

This design is one of those kimono I would usually pass up since it's so....loud and purple. Why so garish you ask?

This is very likely a brand-new dance kimono. Most kimono for stage or dance are usually high-contrast and brightly colored so the character or dancer wearing it can easily be seen by the audience. Modern ones are synthetic so they can be washed between wearings.
So what the heck was I thinking? Where the heck am I going to wear this thing? The All Souls Procession! This  year's color is violet! Yes, violet. Purple. Lavender. Eggplant. Wisteria.
Detail of the square "hail"

Since the event is at night, all the more reason to be bright, loud, and high-contrast. Anyway, with the right obi, this might look fabulous! And I can wash it...we always get so dusty during the procession. Can't exactly do that with the purple Taisho-era Meisen kimono.

UPDATE: This one arrived today, March 7th. It looks just like the photos, grape-soda purple! Mint condition too. I also looked up the Japanese description of the kimono and found both  "bokashi", which  means "shading off, gradation" and that explains the purple background, and "arare", which is both a small cracker and "falling ice balls, or hail". So Bokashi/arare is a gradation/hail pattern. Makes perfect sense!

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