February 14, 2011

KODO concert and Cannibal Cabaret update

The Cannibal Cabaret at The Hut was awesome! The whole show was amazing- all outside in two separate stage locations. There were hundreds of people, dancing, drinking, the giant Moai head (rescued from the now-defunct Magic Carpet Golf) spewing fire, a crazy fog machine, belly dancers, and more! Since it was only a few days ago, photos of our performance have yet to show up so far, but we did have it video-taped by a professional! So stay tuned for more.

Then there was the KODO concert at Centennial Hall last night! What a treat to see KODO again. This is their 30th Anniversary tour. I wore kimono of course and hung out front with my taiko group handing out flyers for our classes while they performed a few songs. The waiting crowd loved it! Of course I forgot to take picture of myself in my cute spring green ensemble until I got home (after sitting for 2 hours and riding in the car...), but here is a photo of me in my green iromuji kimono and the gold/pink/orange karabana obi. I wore the haori before the concert, but inside it was hot and stuffy, so I took it off. It's very simple, plain black with a dyed pattern of an orange tsuzumi (Japanese hand drum) on the front and back. This is the first time I have worn the green iro....and it's super comfortable! The silk is soft and it fits pretty well. I also wore my new ruby earrings I got at the gem show.
My hair looks kinda wild in the pics....the car window was down and I need a haircut really badly; I'll be doing that later today!
Have a great week,

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