November 27, 2010

Red yabane komon coordination

The red yabane komon from Yamatoku
I got out of taiko early today because of the holiday, so I started doing something I've been wanting to do for a while and usually do not have time for: taking photos of kimono coordinates. Its easier to just lay things out than to put them on, especially when you have to take the photos yourself in the mirror. I laid out a kimono + obi + obiage  + obijime on my ironing board and started playing with color and pattern combinations. I started with my new red and white yabane. Yabane is a pattern of arrow feathers or fletching, and since the pattern on this kimono is repeated all over, it's considered a komon. Komon kimono are the casual daytime dresses of the kimono world. I haven't worn it yet, but kimono-wearing events are coming soon, so I wanted to figure out what works as far as colors, patterns, and textures. Apparently, a red and white yabane pattern kimono is pretty easy to coordinate- it seems to go with everything.

+ black and cream wool "kawari"
hanhaba, magenta shibori obiage,
and black and magenta obijime

+ purple hakata obi, cream
obijime, and light purple obiage

+ blue-grey cotton daisy
nagoya obi, creamy yellow
obiage, and dark red obijime

+ dark blue cotton kasuri obi, creamy yellow obiage, and a cream obijime

+ gold hanhaba obi, cream obiage,
and cream with bronze and red stripe obijime

+ Navy daisy hanhaba obi, ice blue
obiage, and dark red obijime
Next up: the pretty Blue Music komon I bought from Kimono Lily several months ago.

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