November 28, 2010

Green Pierre Cardin Iromuji

Pierre Cardin does kimono? I was surprised as well! The lining of this lovely spring green iromuji kimono has Pierre Cardin logo lining! Check out the image of the lining below! I noticed it after I bought it. I think this is an eBay purchased from a couple of years ago. It's in flawless condition and the silk is soft and buttery.
For kimono newbies, an iromuji is a solid color kimono. It has no pattern, not even a tiny print. The pattern you see above is woven in one color, like a jacquard fabric. This kimono fabric is called rinzu. Mine has water patterns on it of flowing  streams and waves. Iromuji often have a family crest on the back, called a mon or kamon, this one  has a single Paulownia mon on the center back of the kimono, this means it can be worn formally. This solid color makes it endlessly versatile and appropriate for any age woman. Every kimono enthusiast should have at least one iromuji!
+ my formal nagoya obi with a karabana
pattern, a black obiage, and
vermilion obijime. I have vermilion
and gold zori to wear with this fancy outfit!

Here are three different combinations of the obi and the green iromuji. I can also wear it with my pink hakata obi and formal gold and white fukuro obi, but I didn't get around to dragging them out of the drawers. Plus they are both basically solid-colored, and I needed to see some pattern with the solid green.

+ the black side of my Taisho chuya obi,
a fuchsia shibori obiage, and a bold hot pink obijime

+ the hot pink rose nagoya obi, cream obiage, and a cream/green striped obijime. I have a pink and green handbag made from woven ribbon that will look great with this!

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