November 21, 2010

Neutrals from eBay

I got some new items form eBay in the last month and now I can finally share them! The first item was a lot of six obijime that I got for a very good price.
From the original photo (The above photo is not the original though), it looked like at least three were really gorgeous...actually four turned out to be excellent. One of the six is a light blue-grey looks home-made and is stained, so not worth keeping.
The teal one is actually much shorter than the rest, so it is probably meant for a little girl. It's beautiful though and in perfect condition.

These three are the best of the lot: pale pink and silver, cream with deep green wrapped sections and cream with bronze sections. Strangely enough, this one matches the colors in the new yukata perfectly. The two cream obijime are very elegant-looking.

These three obijime made the package worth it since they are so nice and it great condition. These will look great with darker-colored obi. There is one odd one that could be home-made as well; it's a twisted dark blue and cream and very thin. I will probably use it for something other than kimono kitsuke since it's so thin. It's in the top photo.

Then there is the yukata I got for $20. It's strange print, but I like the subdued color palette- tasteful rather than garish. The awesome thing is that it's brand new. From the photo on eBay (below), it was hard to tell what the pattern was. It looked like strange fruit...possibly giant olives on a striped ground. I'm into weird prints, so of course I bid on it.

But now I can see that it looks like black dianthus on big olive-green dots with shibori-print leaf shapes and tan stripes on a cream background. It's an unusual print but I like the more unusual prints and color combinations anyway. I'm not sure what color obi to pair this with, but my first thought was deep red, chocolate brown, or maroon but the right black-and-white patterned obi might give it a funky and fun look. I'll start looking around to see what will go with this yukata and keep you posted! I have a few obi that might work really well....

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