November 29, 2010

More kimono coordination

Now I'm down to the random bits or color coordination.

First one up is the pink and navy sensu (folding fan) pattern komon I got on eBay for a penny. I haven't worn it yet, mainly because I'm stumped as to what color obi will work with it. Well, it looks like the Hawk obi looks very good. I think it's the only obi I have that will work with it. I have paired it with a cream rinzu obiage and a pink, white and black yabane patterned obijime that I picked up in San Jose Japan town in July.

One possible color coordination clue is the lining is pink and a light yellow-tan color. So maybe a light yellow obi with a big bold pattern would be a good choice. That would give some contrast with the small sensu motif.

Next is my grey wool  "atomic potsherd" pattern komon. This is one of my favorite kimono and I have worn it with my pink Hakata obi. It also looks good with the gold hanhaba obi.  It's probably mid-Showa period and a bit small for me (as most of these older kimono are, especially if you are a tall-ish westerner), but with a tiny ohashori under the obi is fine with these vintage pieces. (More on wearing vintage kimono later.)

But surprise surprise! It looks amazing with the blue plaid cotton kasuri obi! I wouldn't have thought it would have coordinated so well, but I'm still honing my kimono skills. I have paired it with a pale yellow rinzu obiage and a round vermilion obijime.

For something that looks a little bit more modern, my Taisho chuya obi, black side out, with the cobalt blue orchid komon. This might be my favorite combination! I like the drama of black with different shades of blue and white. Way more fun than light blue, white, and grey! Although this blue kimono looks good with the gold hanhaba obi and the peach wool obi, I like this combination the best. I've worn this kimono several times, it's turned into a kind of a 'workhorse' of a dress. The obijime has a beautiful woven pattern that is unusual and wider than most and is in shades of blue and white, it reminds me of those "god's eyes" I  made as a kid out of yarn and Popsicle sticks.  If I ever see another one like it, I will definitely buy it! The obiage is icy blue with shibori maple leaves on it. 

More on the Taisho chuya obi in the next post-- 'cause it's special!

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