November 28, 2010

Blue Music komon

More coordination pictures from yesterday's photo shoot! This is a synthetic komon kimono in soft shades of blue. I bought it at Kimono Lily in their "$45 and under" section. It's brand-new. It features lovely images of tsuzumi (A small drum) and fue (transverse flute), plum blossom, maple leaves, and some unknown petals and leaves. I like it because it's synthetic and washable, so it's great for some of the various festival-type events I go to. I like the soft colors in it and it seems to lend itself to many colors and styles of obi! That makes this kimono very versatile.
Blue music komon

As you can see in these photos, it has an all-over stripe pattern as well as a subtle grid in lighter blue. The drum/flower pattern is small and covers the whole kimono, this style print is called komon. The repeated pattern makes it casual but it can be dressed up for an outing with a more formal obi. Compared to western clothing, it's probably equivalent to a casual daytime dress. For kimono, it is the lowest in rank for formality.The subtle coloring tells me it's not for a young lady, but for a married woman.

Detail of the tsuzumi pattern

+ my olive green shippo obi, carmine pink
shibori obiage, and pale pink and silver obijime
Now you can see how many different colors can go with this kimono. That makes it fun to dress up or down and either subtle or bright.
Next: coordinating the green iromuji!
Arigato gozaimasu!

+ a peach wool hanhaba obi, cream, obi age, and turquoise blue obijime

+ Beige yabane hanhaba obi, carmine pink
shibori obiage, dark red obijime

+ Hawk nagoya obi, carmine pink obiage, and
(Not shown) red obijime

+ hot pink rose nagoya obi,
cream obijime and obiage.

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