March 26, 2012

Pink and Green Accessories to arrive this week

I'm lacking in kimono accessories such as obiage, obijime, handbags, juban, and a few obi. I don't really need any more kimono, so I have decided to focus on items to make that I have work together better.

Mainly I have been looking for rinzu and chirimen obiage and round obijime (easier to tie!) in lighter pastel colors such as pink,  light grey, blue, lavender, and two-toned obiage as well as round obijime in solid colors.
A little shibori on a obiage is OK, but as a rule, I usually avoid the ultra textured full-shibori, since these are more formal and associated with young ladies wearing furisode. However, once I saw the striking vibrant green with the light pink, I knew it would be perfect for spring.  It's a gorgeous color combination and I can't wait to see it in person.

This cute and basic-looking obijime is solid pink, in a nice classic color which should be really easy to coordinate to create multiple outfits.
These two together will be pretty awesome and the green/cream obijime I just bought recently in LA will go beautifully with the obiage as well. I ordered both of these beauties from Angie at Blue Moon Antiques and Vintage Kimono and should arrive in a day or two! I've bought from this vendor before and they are very nice to deal with and ship from Texas, so shipping is much less than coming from Japan, if you live in the United States.
I'm going to a Sakura Matsuri (in a mysterious city to be announced soon!)  in April, so I wanted to create a nice spring ensemble that included a little light pink as a nod to the cherry blossoms which may already have bloomed by the time I get there! I will be very happy to say I was there, even if the warmer weather has caused the trees to put on their show a month early.


  1. Is she a good seller? I noticed some things I'd like to buy, but I know that some of what she has listed as vintage or antique are definitely not either one. But for harder to find items for private collecting, the price is comparable to Ichiroya...

    I notice she has all of her obijime listed as antique. I'd seriously doubt that any of them are. Obijime weren't a standard item until around Taisho era, and you'd be hard-pressed to find one that doesn't have a lot of damage after 100 years of humidity (which causes silk to rot) and wear. $15 is a pretty fair price for like-new ones, though! You'll sometimes pay more in Japan!

  2. I totally agree. Some items she has are definitely not antique...probably no more than 20 years old. Most of the obi look newer and most are hanhaba. I just look at the photos and prices and consider how much I save in shipping. They do answer questions quickly and ship fast!