March 22, 2012

Kimono-wearing opportunities coming up in Phoenix

There are several events open to the public in March and April where you can wear yukata and kimono, all at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix.  Anime Night is tomorrow at 7:00pm and the Taiko Experience show with Fushicho Daiko is Saturday, March 24th. My favorite event is their spring fundraiser, Strolling in Yukata in April.
I'll be at Taiko Experience this weekend and now I just need to determine if I want to wear a ro kimono or a yukata! Weather might dictate what I end up in, so stay tuned for photos.


  1. That Yukata stroll looks so much fun! I would totally go if I could! :)

  2. What a unique idea. Never heard of a yukata event other than matsuri. I look forward to reading about it if you go.