March 4, 2012

Obijime Collection: 30

I don't really need to buy too many more obijime. However, looking at them in the drawer made me realize I should post photos of them. There are still some colors I'm missing and I'd like to have more summer weaves.Then again, with accessories, you really can't have too many!
First up in the above photo, anticipating the season with open-weave obijime for summer. From top to bottom, lime green, deep red, white with fuchsia accents, and yellow and white woven together in a triangle pattern make up this set.
The neutral or almost-neutral group. The one on the far left is rust and beige and wider than most and a heavy weave. To the right of it is cream wrapped with small sections of bronze and deep red, cream with small wrapped stripes of  leafy green, half palest pink and half silver-white, black and white yabane with pale pink on the back, a flat-weave cream, and solid black.
From left to right: elegant graduated gold flat weave, salmon and creamy yellow with a bead and multicolored tassels, solid pale yellow, cream and red stripes, intense orange, and formal scarlet red with tiny flecks of gold thread. The bright orange one still has the paper slip around it, indicated I have not worn it since I bought it last summer!
 From left to right: festive deep violet and white with a subtle metallic thread woven in (new from Ichiroya), lavender and pink with sakura blossoms, medium pink with a teal stripe, solid hot pink, multicolored stripe with magenta, and my favorite wide obijime in magenta and black with a modern design.
From left: two cream and green (the far left one is a "new" vintage- I just bought it in LA), turquoise with flecks of silver thread, shades of blue woven in a diamond pattern, wrapped style in navy and faint red stripes on beige, and more stripes in navy and white. The teal obijime in the center is very short, so it's probably for a child. It has wonderful tassels though!

Which ones do I wear the most? Mainly the classic colors, like cream, scarlet, light yellow, blue and white with an occasional hot pink and summer obijime thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Thanks for posting, some fine pieces, they appear as a handpicked bunch, I think it's hard to buy online without getting similar pieces, so I am surprised of the variety and all their details :)