March 15, 2012

Obiage Collection: 14

I don't have a ton of obiage, but I thought I would share. I seem to wear yukata more often than not and often wear komon without obiage, so maybe that's why I'm lacking!
Right now I'm trying to collect more rinzu and chirimen rather than shibori since shibori is usually more formal and associated with younger styles. I'd also love to find a few obiage with large patterns but those are sometimes difficult to find. I need a couple more ro (silk gauze worn only with summer kimono) obiage as well. I have one and it works with both of my summer kimono but it would be nice to find some other colors, so I'm looking for teal or turquoise, yellow, or blue violet. These are all impossible colors to find in ro but maybe someday!
My one ro obiage

Rinzu a type of silk damask. I use the  light yellow and cream colors the most.

Six shibori, a type of resist-dyed silk with a bubbly, crinkly texture. I use the magenta one in the center the most. It's almost flat, so it's not quite as formal and the color is electric!

Chirimen, a crepe-like silk fabric with a distinctive texture. The eggplant/beige one is actually slightly more blue in real life.

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