August 29, 2010

Three outfits spring 2010

Ok, here are three ensembles from this spring to show that I do really wear this stuff. Now that I have a blog, the photos will be better! My kitsuke isn't great, especially in the first ensemble, so be kind! :)
#1. Ok, the ensemble (Disheveled kitsuke day!) on the far left is from 2010 Matsuri in Phoenix, day two. Matsuri is a huge 2-day Japanese festival and always the last weekend in February. The first day the weather was typically gorgeous, about 80 degrees and sunny, which was great since I played taiko as usual on the ASU stage. I had also just bought the kimono, hakata obi, and haori that day from a vendor! Woke up the next day thinking we might get the same weather, so I'd planned on wearing the yukata I usually bring. However, it had rained all night and was sprinkling and about 58 degrees out! So out with the new wool komon and hakata obi! I dressed fast (Should have folded the obi over a third, it's too wide) and luckily I had brought the two-tooth geta with me. Not exactly appropriate with the komon but great for fording small puddles. I just happen to have the red tabi sox with me as well as the cute purse. Of course, it was super damp, so my hair looks odd and my obijime is drooping, but otherwise, not too bad of an outfit. I absolutely love that kimono though! The pattern has a wonderful retro feel to it. I looks to me like potsherds on a backgroud of pink sqiggley lines on dove grey. Very tasteful and subdued.

Detail of grey wool komon
Detail of russet haori

#2. Center ensemble was for a life-drawing class I modeled for in early April. My kitsuke wasn't too bad at all. I showed the instructor a few kimono that I could wear and she really loved the cobalt blue of this lovely orchid komon. Even though I was indoors, the students loved the red bangasa. It was all about the color combination: cobalt blue, red, white, and gold. You can't see in the photo, but I had white tabi and red/black zori and a small red handbag. My toes fell asleep posing for 20 minute intervals.

#3. This was also a session for a life-drawing class. I was outside, sitting under a tree looking at a book for this pose. It was warm, maybe pushing 90 degrees. But this time I was wearing my white bush clover yukata and again, the pink hakata obi. (It goes with almost everything!) As you can see this time I have it folded so it's not so wide. I also have layered two han eri collars to add some more color to the neutral outfit. Unfortunately, I hadn't received my black bunny geta at the time, so I'm wearing my old blue geta, not quite as well-coordinated. But check out the fun pink daisy obidome! It's one of those metal flower pins from the 1960's. The wide obijime fits in the pinback perfectly. This was a fun day of posing and despite being hot, it was nicer sitting outside. One of the artist's paintings from this session sold right away. I'll see if I can get a photo of it.

I will put up more pictures of new coordination soon since several events are coming up, including a stargazing festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix. I think it's in October.

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