September 5, 2010

Pink, magenta, fuchsia....can't get enough pink

Apparently I can't stay away from pink, especially hot pinks! I realized I have a bunch of pink kimono items now. A few items arrived yesterday; mystery items I got on ebay as part of a lot being sold by an antique dealer. What I thought looked like an obiage turned out to be a pristine gorgeous silk heko obi. How can you tell the difference between a heko obi and an obiage? Silk heko obi are wider and longer than obiage and the nicer ones (Like this one) are heavier weight fabric than obiage. This one is probably meant for a teen girl, but these have become fashionable for adult women when worn very casually with yukata or even komon kimono. This obi is really nice and I love the lemony yellow shibori. There are even tiny cotton threads  in the fabric from where the shibori pattern was made. The size is 18" x 106". There was also a fabulous hot pink flat obi jime and 2 koshihimo in the same order. There was a pair of hot pink zori included but I think they are too damaged (And too small) to wear.
Magenta heko obi detail
The magenta heko obi
More pink stuff! I have a modest amount of these obijime (A cord used to help tie different types of obi knots) , but a third of them are some shade of pink! The new obijime that came with the heko obi is on the bottom of this image.
Five obijime
Carmine pink obiage
Magenta obiage

These are my two pink obiage: One is a nice bright magenta and the other a full-shibori in a shade of pink I will call "carmine" for lack of a better description.The full-shirbori is more formal than the other.
Coral pink hakata obi

This is my ever-versatile pink hakata obi. It goes with so many things and is so easy to tie. Nice and crisp.
Below on the right is a nagoya obi that has a woven stylized rose pattern. It's probably shioze silk. It's a bit slippery, kind of like satin. Difficult to keep tied.

Rose nagoya obi
Detail of the sensu komon fabric
Sensu komon
Pink isn't just about accessories! Here is one seriously iki pink kimono! This one is really fun, it's a very deep navy komon covered in medium pink sensu, folding fans. The lining is a buttery yellow and the hakkake is lighter pink. The most awesome thing about this is that it's long- 65.7", so that means it's more than long enough. Unfortunately, the wingspan is only 51", but I'm used to that. I doubt I will ever find a kimono with a wingspan to fit my 54.5" long arms unless I have it custom made. I don't really have an obi for this one yet, but maybe soon. I'm thinking light yellow, turquoise, pale lime green might be fun. The best part? I got it on ebay for a penny. Seriously!
Last bit-o-pink!
I snatched up these ultra cute coral pink zori at the Monterey Peninsula Obon Festival for about $10. The color is real similar to the pink hakata obi. The cream colored inserts look a bit like snake skin and have a pebbled texture. They are not leather though, just vinyl. They were in their original box!
Have a great holiday weekend!

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