September 14, 2010

Hawks and autumn flowers

A new obi arrived from Ichiroya, a lovely crisp jinken ( jinken is rayon but it seems more like a silk-rayon blend) Nagoya obi with a fabulous design of perching hawks and chrysanthemums! The hawk has a playful look, peering upside down amongst the flowers. I love the touches of black; it makes the other colors really pop. The coolest thing about it is that is seems to go with almost everything I have, including the purple Meisen komon kimono.
The background color is a very pale, icy green and the palest creamy-gold and the design is woven. It is very colorful and rich-looking, probably because it also has a bit of metallic/shiny gold thread in it, so that makes it a bit dressier-looking than I had anticipated. It's in good shape for a vintage light-colored obi, just a slight patina in places and one little dark spot in a place where you will not see it once it's tied. Soon I will be pairing it with various kimono  and I will post photos!

The Hawk Nagoya  obi.

Detail of the noble-looking hawk with pink and blue wings.

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