August 24, 2010

My other summer vacation

I was in California for two Obon Festivals in July: San Jose and Monterey! I used to live on the Monterey Peninsula, so going back to visit friends, see taiko performances, eat strawberries, and dance at obon was a real treat for me. I still miss that part of the world, despite the fog,. the dampness, and cold waters. Here are some photos of the trip, including yukata and kimono!
One of three yagura at San Jose obon.
San Jose yagura at night.

A closer look at the black ro komon and my black bunny geta!
The yagura at the Monterey obon.
Shinso Mugen Daiko performing. My friend C is in orange on the far right. 
Me in my new black ro komon and new white ro hakata obi. My obiage is totally askew though! It was actually tucked in at one point...
This is a kabuki actor/dancer (Bando Hiroshichiro) that performed at obon. He was absolutely amazing! Earlier in the day, he offered to help with with my obi in the dressing area since there was a lack of mirrors. He didn't say who he was but I recognized him on stage later.

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