August 27, 2010

More birthday kimono

My kimono and andon bakama (Woman's undivided hakama) arrived today from Yamatoku! I was not super interested in the hakama, mainly the kimono, but together they were only $29.99, so a steal even individually.
I  really wanted the kimono since it was perfect for my purposes: new, washable sythetic, the right length and a very bold red and white yabane pattern that will go with many obi. I love komon and especially big, bold patterns. Great for the festivals and some of the taiko events that I go to. There's always a chance of moving a drum or getting shave ice dripped on you, so washable kimono are really very practical. The hakama may turn out to be really cool though, but I will have to wait until it actually gets cold here before I wear it since this means adding a 4th layer to a typical kimono ensemble! The color is lovely, similar to the photo, a true eggplant purple. As you can see in the photo, you wear hakama over the kimono. This look is often seen at graduation ceremonies. I also bought this obiage/obijime set from Yamatoku since I really needed a red obiage. (I'm really lacking in obiage) It's a very nice all-shibori with roses and in nearly perfect condition. The obijime is really cool though!

It's magenta and black and wider than average. I'm very happy that it isn't red since I already have a couple of red obijime. Now time to go back to work!

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