May 12, 2012

Fun Saturday

I missed a "fun Friday" post, so here is one for Saturday; not that it's exactly a tradition on my blog, but fun is still fun no matter what day of the week it might be!

It's been hot for the last few days, around 90 F or more, so our summer heat has arrived, so I won't be posting any new photos of myself in kimono for a while unless I'm indoors. Which leads me to new and creative ways to entertain you, my dear blog readers!

I was playing around with some ideas in Photoshop this evening.
What if you could have any image on a custom kimono? Something crazy, fun, unusual, artistic, or very personal like photos from your last vacation? What about a collage of cat photos or favorite movie poster?
Here are two ideas I will share this evening....both are obviously images I pulled off the 'net. (I don't own my own police box! At least not yet). The second  is a fabulous image of a vintage Pan Am airlines poster.
What do you think? What would you want on a kimono if you could have anything?
TARDIS kimono
PAN AM England poster kimono
Next week, I'll post a new fun design. And maybe create some coordinating obi just for fun.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow, whether you are celebrating or being celebrated.


  1. Ah, I would soooo wear the pan am kimono!!! :D

    Hmm, I think that if I could have anything on a kimono, it would have to be an art noveau-style houmongi. Maybe one of Alphonse Mucha's paintings. That, or something by M.C. Escher. :)

    Now, if we're talking pop-culture here...a Sherlock-themed ensemble. I'm thinking a grey houmongi with the Ferris wheel fair scene which is seen in the opening credits, along with a black obi with the yellow smiley face lol. ;P

    1. I LOVE the Sherlock Homes ensemble idea...with the hat of course! Brilliant. Pop culture is an endless source of inspiration! More fun ideas tomorrow....

  2. Very interesting. I was thinking of a Doctor Who/Kimono set as well. I love this Tardis Obi



    1. I love both of these....especially the blue TARDIS kimono! truly inspiring. I would wear any of these!