May 17, 2012

Cool green yukata on it's way

I haven't purchased a yukata in a couple of years. I'm picky when it comes to yukata....they have to have an unusual design or color and not be too young and girly looking.

So when I saw this vibrant green gem on eBay, I thought this would be an excellent addition to my collection. It's for a taller person (yay!), 63" long and has a decent wingspan of 51.2", so I'm getting closer to something that will fit well. I'm not a glamazon at 5'5", but I do have a 54.5" wingspan, so eventually I will have to invest in a custom yukata and kimono. But for now, I enjoy the ones I do find very much.

This green butterfly yukata is so vibrant...I hope the color is as rich as it looks in these photos as it will be in person!  It should be really easy to coordinate an obi as well. For now, I keep seeing a crisp white or pale blue Hakata obi to add some cool contrast to the deep green. White and navy blue geta and other accessories would complete the crisp, cool feeling.

Of course, I can't help but seeing hot pink with this deep green, but then again it's one of my favorite colors! A yellow or orange obi would be pretty zingy as well- especially with some lime-green accessories!

So crisp and cool or zingy and bright, this will be a fun yukata to wear at the next Japanese festival.


  1. I like it a lot! It is an unusual green, very popping!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I thought so too! I usually see pastel greens when I see greens at all, so maybe it's unusual. I will certainly stand out when I wear this one. Can't wait for it to arrive and I will post photos when it does.