May 4, 2012

Fun Friday: Yukata silliness in Phoenix

Just some photos of me and a few friends goofing around at Ro Ho En. Even Murray wore a yukata this time!
Have a great weekend!

Addendum: someone asked about my outfit, so here are the details: it's a vintage (1970's or 80's I think) yukata I bought from Yamatoku about 4 years ago. Motifs are hibiscus, leaves, and chrysanthemum; I love the colors in it, it's kind of a red-bean background color with cream, yellow, and black. I dressed it up with kimono-styling by adding a black polka-dot cotton han eri, a yellow cotton hanhaba obi with some a plain black obijime, and an "obidome" black and white polka-dot vintage metal flower pin from the early 1970's. I'm also borrowing one of Emma's cute kinchaku bags she made. Not shown; black bunny geta.

 (All photos copyright 2012 by Murray Writtle)


  1. Ah, I wish I could come to Arizona and go out with you guys lol. You seem like you're having lots of fun! Love the dark collar with yukata.

  2. You would fit right in- we alwasy have fun! We even went out for sushi and paletas (Mexican popsicles) afterwards. Perfect weather that evening, summery and warm with a slight breeze.