January 2, 2012

New accessories

I received a few new items before the holidays, so it's time to share!
I bought a lot of two silk tsuke (pre-tied obi) obi that are both really nice. They arrived in perfect condition. Both are woven with metallic threads, so they are perfect for a party!
The bamboo motif obi is all metallic but not very shiny, more a soft golden color like old brass; the back of the fabric is plain burgundy and the weaving on the front seems to pick up the red. It has an understated feel to it and is very elegant.

The black  obi is really cute, with a bold pattern of golden tachibana. Sometimes this motif is translated as mandarin orange but they are really wild sour oranges, apparently inedible.  The red bits are a nice touch. I can see myself wearing this obi quite a bit. 
Next up is a fun pair of zori! These are a pretty caramel color and are covered with  karoko, or images of little chubby children, in cream, olive and deep blue green. The earthy colors keep this motif from looking too sweet.
These zori look like they are made of leather but I'm not quite sure. They have a casual, carefree feel to them and will probably work very well with a cute komon kimono in silk or wool for everyday wear. I can also see these with the right yukata worn "kimono style" with a casual nagoya obi.

These cute cotton kinchaku bags were a surprise! I didn't expect them to be so brightly colored plus they appear to be brand-new. Kinchaku are drawstring handbags. These cotton ones are so casual, they would work perfectly with yukata. They both have summer motifs on the fabric.  The navy blue one features morning glories and dragonflies (hidden inside!); the green and blue one has a ladybug and what looks like a bell-flower. The green one has a plain burgundy red lining.

Dragonfly lining

These cute bags look like they would be very easy to make. I might have to get out the sewing machine soon and make a few of my own. It's a great way to use fabric scraps, as many kinchaku are often pieced together, probably from worn kimono and other garments. Another example of recycling!
Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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