January 3, 2012

Book: The New Kimono

I received a couple of kimono books recently! I'll start with a review of the one I got on Amazon: The New Kimono: from vintage style to everyday chic; by the editors of Nanao Magazine. It's in English, and it's very affordable, only $16.47 right now, so it's a bargain!

If you are looking for a beginner's "how to wear a kimono" book, this is not it. (I recommend Norio Yamanaka's book for beginners). There are a few pages in the back with B&W photos of how to put on a yukata; tying a yukata obi, and tips on collar adjustment but mainly it's a book about fashion, style, and putting accessories together in a modern way.

It's definitely written especially for and features adult woman collectors of vintage komon and yukata, so you will not see any sweet bright pink sakura blossoms on these yukata nor will you see anything formal. This book features everyday kimono: silk textiles such as kasuri, tsumugi, and komon (Small, repeated, all-over design for casual wear) patterns in wool, cotton, linen, and silk. No houmongi, no furisode, no tsukesege, and no bling! And definitely no kurotomosode. What you do see is a wonderful sense of elegance, texture, and use of accessories, including obidome, western-style footwear, and even mentions making your own obi.

It also features a few stories and photos of real woman that love to wear kimono, what they wear, and where they wear kimono. There are sections on coordination, choosing an obi, and tips on zori and geta colors, styles, and fit. The photographs are gorgeous and inspire me to rethink some of my coordination color and pattern choices!

It's wonderful if you need some inspiration in your yukata or komon wardrobe and prefer a chic, understated look. My biggest complaint: it needs to be much bigger- a coffee table book!



  1. Definitely going to be adding this one to my "must read" list! Btw, love the new accessories you posted in the the previous post...especially the zori! They're cute, but not something I'd ever be able to wear though lol, because for some reason, karako freak me out!!!!;P

  2. And you would be walking on karako at that! ;P
    The book is really much better than I expected...now I want to go to Japan just to shop! It would be a very expensive shopping trip though.

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